A Brief History of Hovinkartano

Pre-historical time - Ancient Finnish dwelling place.
Hovinkartano Manor House area has been populated since Iron Age.


14th, 15th and 16th centuries
The oldest documents of Hovinkartano (Court Manor) can be found from The Royal Swedish Archives and they are about 600 years old.

17th, 18th and 19th centuries - in the service of the Swedish Court
The manor used to be a property of several nobel families that served the King of Sweden also in the Royal Swedish Cavalry. Therefore the owners were enjoying the priviledge of exemption from taxes.


Early 19th century
The wooden yellow building was completed, and it has been lived in ever since. It is the home of the owners.

Empire House

A strong construction period. In those days there were all together 26 buildings on the property, for example a mill, a dairy and a brick factory.

1914 - The story of the Jugend Castle
The Jugend Castle was built between 1913-1914 for banquet and guest use. The owner couple of that time wanted it to be ready for their Silver Wedding Day ceremonies. They never lived permanently in this building.

Jugend Castle

Riitta Tarvainen's father inherits Hovinkartano.

Riitta inherits Hovinkartano.

The first art exhibition took place in the Jugend Castle.

The restaurant was opened.

The Pharmacy Museum was established.

Pharmacy Museum

The International Hovinkartano Arts and Cultural Centre opens all together 6 exhibition rooms in 5 different buildings. International Art Symposiums have taken place in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, and at the same time the Artist Residence opens its doors to both Finnish and international artists.

The manor has an international touch today: Mr. Risto Tarvainen is a retired United Nations Security and Administrative Officer, Mrs. Riitta Tarvainen has a M.A. degree from Jerusalem Hebrew University, main subject French language and literature. Risto Tarvainen spent about 15 years in the middle East in the service of peace. Numerous foreign artists have taken part in the international art symposiums and in the Hovinkartano art exhibitions.

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